Our Chicago Sewer Repair Services

Electric power rodding
Main sewer lines, sink sewer lines, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, face bowls, toilets, showers, floor drains, downspouts.
Catch basins / grease traps
At Able Sewerage we offer all maintenance services on grease traps and catch basins. Rodding and cleaning is all done in a professional manner and no mess is made. We can do it all from service to complete removal.
Video camera inspections and locating services
Commonly used to locate broken sewers . Private drain programs. ( program offered by the city of Chicago, to repair your broken sewer from the sidewalk out to the street).
Free estimates
You know the price before we start, there is no charge for estimate of any size.
Sump pumps / ejector pumps
At Able Sewerage Company we do not repair sump pumps, as after you repair them something else may go wrong. We offer brand new Zoeller cast iron pumps they are the best pumps on the market and come with a 1 year warranty no questions asked from the date of install.
Catch basins repaired/installed
If you have a caved in catch basin we can either rebuild or completely build a brand new catch basin. Catch basins are usually done in 1 day, no playing around. Call for your free estimate.
Water lines
If you have a damaged or leaking water line. Contact able sewerage as we do all of our work with licensed plumbers, and can do any job big or small.
Flood control systems
Able Sewerage Company installs different varieties of flood control systems, call for a free estimate. Ask about the absolute best in flood control OVERHEAD sewer systems.
Rod out stations / Broken sewers
At Able Sewerage Company we can do all excavating jobs big or small, to repair your broken sewer line. If you have a lot of tree roots and backup, we can install a rod out station to allow access for a large cutter to remove the roots (call for a free estimate).
Able Sewerage Company can install toilets, wether it be the customers supplied toilet or we can purchase one. Wax rings can be replaced to stop leaking toilets, new bolts, all of the internals of your toilet can also be changed due to a faulty part. Etc……